Drawing the Motmot and more

June 4th, 2009

Little Axe blogger, Debby Cotter Kaspari, took her little 3″ X 5″ sketch book to the Panamanian jungle.


Rufous Motmot by D. Kaspari

As a dedicated field artist she uses her signature gesture drawings, field notes and camera to accentuate the rhythms and movements of her animal, plant and landscape subjects. Most of her work is done on paper, either in graphite and pastel, pen and ink, or watercolor; acrylic on board or canvas is used as well.

See more sketch book pages here.
See her website here.

Images to reflect Oklahoma democracy

May 29th, 2009

News aggregator Topix is advertising a new feature:


Sounds like fun, however I don’t think any of these photos will be getting many votes from Okies. Come to think of it, it would be kind of like voting for a candidate in many state elections.

Actually, the Oklahoma photos are here. Ones like this guy explaining how there’s no reason for folks to worry about the swine flu  little piggy H1N1 virus.

And you’d better hurry. Considering the origination of these photos, I have a feeling this Topix feature won’t be around long.

Free stuff from Okie blogs

May 22nd, 2009

Today in Idabel Oklahoma is giving away Weeds.
77 counties is giving away Tulsa Zoo tickets.
Drawing the Motmot offers an mp3 of the Panama forest.
Oklahoma Rock Newsblog is giving away the link to the 2009 Norman Music Festival online rebroadcast.
D-USA has free German radio.
From the Faraway, Nearby has Tango dance lessons.

If the stimulus fits

May 3rd, 2009

Everyone seems to have their own idea as to what would be an appropriate stimulus package in this depressed economy. I think I found one for at least one fellow Okie blogger.

… because some of us are not chaffeur-driven, and need to walk more than a mere 100 metres. What do you guys think? Should women just take what is given to us?

You’re welcome, Charles.

Best 2008 Okie Blog Award comment

February 10th, 2009

There are always a lot of comments generated each year regarding the Okie Blog Awards; some better than others. Here’s my favorite this year:

Mike, = Etatyah eseh, Mike, nah. You all wouldn’t know an Okie ‘cultural’ blog if it came up and slugged you in your face. “Yehtah eti, inni enh behneyheta,” yaho eitay Inney, kini inmahay Chata Krazy Talk” blog. Etayah chayghaheh, OkieDoke. “Shekeytayah.” I’ll bet you can figger that wordphrase out at the least, eh, Bohnhoithonayha? Yahhah, Mike. This Is Indian Land, Forever. Your presence is only ‘tolerated’, for now.

It probably doesn’t help that my squaw is a Chippewa.

Thanks for the link, I think

January 26th, 2009

I always considered Okiedoke an Oklahoma blog. Yet, the most referrals this month are coming via a link on this site:


On a related note, my server logs show the 2008 Okie Blog Awards page has been pulled up over 2,000 times to date.

Voted most unusual Christmas card for 2008

December 27th, 2008

Just in time for the holidays

December 12th, 2008

Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for the person who has everything? Then a Little Axe School throw might be right up your alley.

It promises to be a great conversation piece for anyone’s home.

You can order these through any Little Axe Chamber of Commerce member, or email me for a person to contact. Throws are $50 each with a limit of 10 per person.

The question is, if folks will be glad or disappointed in the blanket’s lack of religious icons.

But don’t even think about questioning the political correctness of our indian mascot.

Stimulating photos increase blog traffic

December 6th, 2008

I don’t know what it says about this blog, or the Internet, but the two photos that attract the most search visitors to Okiedoke are this one of our backyard:


Biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen

And close behind, so to speak, is this one, which had never been displayed here – only linked to in a comment on this post.

Oral Roberts to let it all hang out

I’ll let you use your imagination as to what search terms are used to bring folks to the latter. And please don’t tell Patrick that I ever searched for such a pic to begin with.

Oklahoma, Amerika

December 1st, 2008

My request for a translation of a post on the Estonian blog “Oklahoma” has been answered. And by the author himself no less.

Hi Okiedoke and the others there in REAL Oklahoma!
My name is Jaanus, I live in Estonia.
I am “native” Estonian (white male), but almost all of us here have mixed blood. “Estonian people” – it is an ideological, political, historical construction.
Sorry for ma bad English but as I see I have to explain my posting „Baracki-karisma“ in my blog „Oklahoma“ (jaanusadamson.blogspot.com).
First – why „Oklahoma“?
I have never been in Oklahoma (in USA at all), I got the idea to put this title (headline) from the novel “America” by famous jewish writer Franz Kafka. This novel is published posthumously in 1927.
I understand very well that you take Oklahoma personally, but in this novel (and for me) the Oklahoma is above all a metaphorical (virtual, dreamlike) place – main character in this novel is an emigrant (he is LOST in America) and he hopes to find in Oklahoma a home, job, love, freedom, friends…
But the novel is unfinished (fragmentary, open-ended) – so we don’t know what is really happening to him finally…
And now very shortly about this Barack thing.
In Estonian media (in our public discussions and so on) there was the hot question – which candidate, McCain or Obama will be better for us (it means for Estonia as a State) in global and political level, or to put it in simplistic way: which of them will be tougher in dealings with Russia. Some politicians preferred McCain (old soldier and so on). I didn’t go into this topic deeply, but McCain was my favorite as well. I realized a „funny“ thing: almost everyone who spoke or wrote about Obama (in our media) said, that he is CHARISMATIC – but I couldnt see him in this way, his „charisma“ was over- and over- and overemphasized in my opinion. Why? It made me “suspicious” (I work as a copywriter).
What is behind this emphasized „charisma“? Hole? Lack? This was (implicitly) my question in my posting in blog.
I am writing directly to you because there is no sense to do this publicly via my blog comments.

Best regards,
Jaanus Adamson

Thank you for your comment, Jaanus. Except I did resent one thing; that your English is better than mine. Though I supported Obama, The Localmalcontent, along with most Oklahomans, should be glad to hear of your favor for McCain.

Ya know, I’d try to raise funds to fly Jaanus here to experience the real Oklahoma, but I’m afraid he might be disappointed when he arrived.

By Franz Kafka.

Comments by Bob Corbett

This book seems on the surface to be so different. There is a tone of lightness, airiness, even comedy… He seems to have known relatively little about the United States of the period and there is an air of fantasy which is beyond even the surrealistic scenes in The Trial.

The final and most bizarre episode, a rather disconnected 26 page sketch concerns the surrealistic job-bureau fraud of The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma. Seemingly under the guise of offering people jobs in the theatre (no one is ever refused) it all seems to be a gimmick to lure unsuspecting folks to Oklahoma to fulfill menial jobs.

That having been said, part of the humor of Amerika is seemingly unintended and is rooted in Kafka’s fantastic visions of what he seems to really have assumed the U.S. was like, filled with some of the worst sort of distortions which Europeans seemed to have had during this period.

Maybe I’ll pick up a copy… or wait for the movie.