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2009 Okie Blog Awards a Charm

The 5th Annual Okie Blog Awards was bigger and better than ever this year. The number of award categories doubled from 12 to 24 and the entire process was professionally managed.

This year’s awards were coordinated by the talented Jennifer James, an Oklahoma City public relations practitioner and writer who blogs about Generation X.

Members of the final determination panel included Mike Hermes, founder of the Okie Blog Awards; Louisa McCune-Elmore, editor, Oklahoma Today; Mike Koehler, new media director, Schnake Turnbo Frank PR and John G. Johnson, J.D., executive director, Association of Central Oklahoma Governments.

You can revisit the entire process at the Official 2009 Okie Blog Awards blog.

Thank you for supporting the Oklahoma blogging community.

2009 Okie Blog Award Winners

2009 Okie Blog Award Nominees

Previous Awards

2009 Okie Blog Awards

Okiedoke is pleased to announce the presentation of the

5th Annual Okie Blog Awards.

This year’s Awards will be coordinated by Jennifer, author of the Oklahoma blog jenx67. Jen has not only graciously volunteered to facilitate the 2009 Awards, but just as importantly, promises to breathe new life into them. For example:

If you start a blog in 2009, you will be eligible to compete in the 2009 Okie Blog Awards! Moreover, you might have a shot at an award category that is doing very well in the current poll on this site: Best New Blog 2009. What a fun award to win – one that bloggers who had a site prior to January 1, 2009, can’t win!

Of course, some things will remain the same:

The purpose of the awards is to recognize the hard work and talent of Oklahoma bloggers, as well as to raise awareness about the growing significance of blogs as important sources of news, information and entertainment

Many of the improvements will depend largely on the Oklahoma blogging community itself. Folks can take a brief survey, via email, to help determine categories for the 2009 Okie Blog Awards as well as possible changes in the selection process. Or simply choose from a list of possible categories in an online poll.

It’s all at the official Okie Blog Awards blog.

I hope all Okies (and Oklahomans) will join me in supporting Jen in not just continuing the tradition of the Okie Blog Awards, but making them better than ever.

In solidarity,
Mike Hermes

Okies for Obama

Below is a list of Oklahomans who have expressed hope for a better tomorrow by declaring their support for Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.

Here you will find people of all background, ethnicity, education, affluence, and political stripe. They represent a broad swath of Oklahoma’s elected leaders, entrepreneurs, community activists; journalists, bloggers, educators, students, housewives, retirees; white collar, blue collar, and no collar workers; all united with the hope of a change in government that leads to a prosperous future for all Americans.

The list of supporters will continue to grow and all Oklahomans are encouraged to add their names and/or words of support by leaving a comment below. And feel free to use the Okie for Obama graphic above.

See you at the polls. Yes we can!

Mike Hermes
Okie for Obama

Brad Henry, Governor
Mary Page, wife and mother of two
Wayne Coyne, musician
Randy Smith
David Boren, OU President, former governor and senator
Tara Feuerborn
Leslie Moore, first time campaigner at the age of 49
Randy Smith, former John Edwards supporter
Joyce Braunscheidel
Kalyn Free, American Indian activist
Kimberli Brownlee, Republican my entire life
Mickey Hepner, economist and blogger
Mike LoBue
Adrienne Crezo, student
Mike Martin, Republican
Paul Tay
Ron L Magnus Esq
Jabar Shumate, State Representative
Brad Carson, former congressman
Gaylord Miyata
Doug Durst
Kathy Taylor, Tulsa Mayor
Greta Samwel
Jenna Kennedy, student
Bryn Robinson
Sharry Bradford, mother of 6 and a grandmother of 21
Kenneth Bowens
Melinda Vann
Andrew Rice, State Senator
Steve Lindblom
Menno Goedman
Shelley Cadamy
Tom Adelson, State Senator
Amy Hall
Susan McCann, Central OK Meetup Organizer
Rodney Debose
April Buxton
Ryan Dean Kiesel, State Representative
Jay Parmley
Robert Dugan
Ally Johnson
Oklahomans for Obama
Patricia Rahhal
Armintha Godwin
Anne Avery-Pearce
Donna Morgan, retired federal employee
John Thompson, teacher at Centennial High School
Jackie B. Jackson
Michael Guinn
Christian Herring
Mike Morgan, Senate President Pro Tempore
Ryan Meyer
Kevin Atwood
Casey VanMatre
Steed Sanders
Caitlin Black, OU senior
Ivan Holmes, Dem. party official
Dan Luther
Reggie Whitten, Seminole
Hollis Sumo
Barbara Gordon
Sean Mossman
Terry Thompson
Tulsans for Obama
Blayne Hinds
Jeff Capel, college basketball coach
Mike Pierson
Kitti Asberry
Rev. Magnus Scott
Christine Byrd
Robert Braggs III
Calvin Rees
Anastasia Pittman, State Representative
Barbara Gordon
Adam Carter
Jason Mercier
Adam Carter
Mike Martin
Adam L. Barr
Jenna Kennedy
Justin Biassou
Isaac Miller
Oklahoma Greens for Obama
Johnny Ringo
Carroline Jennings
Justin Biassou
Kurt Neumann
Kobi Little
Matt Nowlin

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