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May 27 at 12:01 AM

Final Results

1810 total votes

Ann Simmons Alspaugh - 253
Nancy Coats - 211
LaRita Aragon - 180
Kim Henry - 162
Sherri Coale - 158
Jenifer Reynolds - 155
Vicki Miles-LaGrange - 112
Noma Gurich - 110
Sandy Garrett - 76
Mary Fallin - 69
Cindy Chupack - 46
Pam Peterson - 33
Debbie Blackburn - 29
Lisa Johnson Billy - 28
Anita Hill - 26
Angela Monson - 23
Susan Savage - 23
Denise Bode - 22
Linda Cavanaugh - 21
Brenda Reneau - 20
Jeannie McDaniel - 16
Leona Mitchell - 16
Laura Boyd - 9
Nancy Riley - 9

Women in Oklahoma play an important role in influencing our state's policy, economy and culture. And while many of these women are recognized for their dedication, intelligence and creativity, there is one area of recognition that's been neglected; their sexuality.

The Oklahoma women below are, or have been, in positions of power in the area of government, business, academia, journalism, the arts, and community service. They have been nominated as also being smart and sexy. After all, what is more sexy than an accomplished, attractive woman who mixes wit, charm and confidence in ways that benefit the people they love? We Oklahomans are lucky to have them!

Thank you for helping to recognize Oklahoma's sexiest power women.

Ann Simmons Alspaugh
Oklahoma's Sexiest Power Woman 2005

A little about Ann Simmons Alspaugh here and here.

In order of nomination:

Sandy Garrett, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Brenda Reneau, State Labor Commissioner
Mary Fallin, Lieutenant Governor
Vicki Miles-LaGrange, United States District Judge
Kim Henry, Oklahoma's First Lady
Debbie Blackburn, State Representative
Jeannie McDaniel, State Representative
Pam Peterson, State Representative
Nancy Riley, State Senator
Susan Savage, Secretary of State
Nancy Coats, Oklahoma County District Court Judge
Leona Mitchell, Vocalist
Anita Hill, Law professor
Sherri Coale, Athletic coach
Laura Boyd, Politcal activist
Linda Cavanaugh, Television journalist
Angela Monson, State Senator
Ann Simmons Alspaugh, Community Activist
LaRita Aragon, Air National Guard Brigadier General
Denise Bode, Corporation Commissioner
Lisa Johnson Billy, State Representative
Cindy Chupack, Writer, Producer
Noma Gurich, Oklahoma County District Court Judge
Jenifer Reynolds, Television journalist

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